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Architectural and Scenic Landscape Photography by Lyle Garry

Lyle Garry Process Image 01

Lyle's scenic landscape images were created using a large format view camera. This camera is similar to the one's you would see in an old western movie where the photographer has a large dark cloth over his head and the back of the camera and uses large glass plates for his negatives. These large 8x10 inch negatives are ideal for producing mural size enlarged prints yielding fantastic detail, clarity, color saturation and hue even at these large sizes.

Lyle Garry Process Image 02

Together with this hardware advantage, and the ability and knowledge to use it, Lyle's twenty years commercial darkroom experience producing mural sized enlargements allowed him to perfect the printmaking process for his own personal work. Lyle's knowledge of lighting and the ability to put together pleasing photographic compositions proved to be another attribute.

Lyle Garry Process Image 03

All these things combined are what set Lyle apart from his contemporaries and captured the attention of the largest and most prestigious art gallery in Sedona Arizona, where Lyle's large framed scenic landscape murals were on display for seven consecutive years for all to enjoy and purchase.

The architectural photographs were shot with a Canon digital camera and enhanced with Photoshop. Lyle believes all photographers from the pioneers to current day have used any and all available tools and techniques to improve the look of their images and in present day that includes the computer and image enhancing software. Being creative in the post production process is an artform in itself.

The surreal category showcases Lyle's photo composites and advanced digital concepts.